Smart offers you a variety of innovative value added services that suit your unique lifestyles and satisfy your communication demands.

smart! SMS

Smart’s text messaging service is a favourite of our customers – fast, reliable and easy. Stay connected with anyone in Belize by sending individual texts or texts from bundles priced just right for your pocket. To purchase your SMS bundle, simply dial *767 and choose any of the bundles below.

Description Charges* Expiration
* Rates Inclusive of GST
Bundle of 25 messages $1.13 15 days
Bundle of 75 messages $3.05 30 days
Bundle of 130 messages $5.10 30 days
Bundle of 350 messages $10.20 30 days
Bundle of 600 messages $12.25 30 days
Bundle of 1000 messages $16.88 30 days
Single Messages (any network) 0.18 1 day

smart! SMS Chat

Always working to satisfy even the most demanding customers, Smart offers new options for texting. You can now send text messages from anywhere in the world to any Smart customer from our website! It’s easy:

  1. Click here to send free text messages.
  2. Type your message in the message window and enter your contact’s number.
  3. Once your contacts get your message, they can reply and you can both continue the chat conversation.

Prepaid Plans

Purchasing bundles of anytime national minutes, SMS and internet is now easy and affordable. Smart prepaid, Flex Jr., Choice or Select customers can now choose the bundles which suit them with the click of a button. It’s that easy to save! Dial 3539 to purchase your bundle today!

3G Prepaid Plans
$3.50 25 min. 75 SMS 50 MB
$12 25 min. 160 SMS
$20 500 SMS 512 MB
$25 30 min. 160 SMS 512 MB
4G LTE Prepaid Plans
$3.50 25 min. 75 SMS 75 MB
$12 25 min. 160 SMS
$20 500 SMS 720 MB
$25 30 min. 160 SMS 720 MB
* Bundles exclude international minutes.
* Bundles expire 30 days after purchase.

SOS Services

Collect Calls. Out of Credit?

Out of credit and need to make a call? Well, Smart now offers you the option of calling collect. It’s easy…just dial 265 and follow the instructions. Smart Prepaid, postpaid and Fixed Wireless can all make and accept collect calls!

Smart SOS Services

Need to make a call but don’t have enough credit? No worries. Take advantage of our SOS feature and Smart will send you credit in advance. You’ll never have to worry about being left out in the cold without credit or SMS, thanks to Smart.

Call me Send a free text message to any Smart number when you have zero credit and no sms in your account. This feature is quick, convenient and free! Create a text message with the desired Smart number in the body of the message e.g. 501 + 670xxxx(no space or hyphen included). Send the message to: CALL (2255). The desired Smart number will get a standard text message with: E.g. “Please call me at 660xxxx”. Customers are entitled to send a maximum of 2 call me requests per day.

Please recharge me Ask your family or friends to add credit to your account. Send a free message requesting a recharge. Simply send a text to the number 2255 and enter recharge plus the number of the person they want to send the request to e.g.: recharge (space) number.

Credit advance This feature allows customers who are out of credit to receive a credit advance (loan) of $2 from smart. Send a message to the code 2255. Type loan in the body of the message and press send. You can qualify for the loan once you have insufficient funds to make a call or send an SMS. You can then use the credit to make calls or send SMS. Loan is re-paid automatically upon your next recharge.

Data advance This feature allows customers who are out of data and out of credit to receive a data advance (loan) of 75 MB from smart. Send a message to the code 2255. Type data loan in the body of the message and press send. You can qualify for the loan once you have less than 25 MB or less than 3 cents in your account. Loan is re-paid automatically upon your next recharge.

Zoom+ 4G LTE

Smart Zoom+ allows users to connect to our 4G LTE network using their data capable phones or using a Smart MiFi (modem) to connect to their laptops or desktop. Customers can use Smart Zoom+ anywhere there is 4G LTE coverage.

4G LTE Data packages

There are two types of 4G LTE packages available for purchase:

  1. Standard LTE package – Grants the user unrestricted access to the internet.
  2. Social Media LTE package – Grants the user access to most social media apps. Users will not be able to access their internet browser, emails, or YouTube. Packages can only be purchased for cellphones.
Dial NET (638)
Price Package Expires in
$1.00 100 MB 24 Hours
$2.00 150 MB (Social Media package) 3 Days
$2.50 150 MB 3 Days
$4.00 256 MB 5 Days
$6.50 512 MB (Social Media package) 15 Days
$10.00 512 MB 15 Days
$14.00 720 MB 15 Days
Dial DATA (3282)
Price Package Expires in
$12.00 1 GB (Social Media package) 30 Days
$25.00 1 GB 30 Days
$30.00 3 GB (Social Media package) 30 Days
$45.00 3 GB 30 Days
$65.00 5 GB 30 Days
$95.00 10 GB 40 Days
$135.00 15 GB 40 Days
$185.00 25 GB 40 Days


Prepaid customers on our 3G or 4G LTE networks can purchase any of the data packages available.

Premium Pay-As-You-Go

Customers who have a Dongle / MiFi can purchase 1GB or above of standard data as needed.

  1. With the purchase of any of these packages, customers will receive 10% MORE DATA FREE.
  2. No monthly bill or deposit required.


Customers can sign-up for a plan to have 1GB or above of standard data added to their Dongle / MiFi. The cost of the package will be billed.

  1. With the purchase of any of these packages, customers will receive 20% MORE DATA FREE.
  2. If you deplete all the data in your package, you will still have access to the internet; you will be billed an additional $0.02 per MB of use until your plan replenishes, or until you use up to 200% of your package.
  3. Deposit is required.

Purchasing Data for your MiFi

There are three ways to purchase data for your MiFi. These methods can also be used to purchase data for your mobile phone:

  1. Log in to Smart Lounge
  2. Visit your nearest Smart Showroom
  3. Or, using a Smart phone, send a text to 9666 (ZOOM); in the body of the message type the requested data package, a space, and 501 before the modem number.
    Example: To purchase 1GB of standard data, in the body of the message type: 1g 501670####

Checking your usage

To check your data usage send a text to 9666 (ZOOM), in the body of the message type 501 before the phone or MiFi number (Example: 501670####). You will receive a reply with its balance in MB. NOTE: 1024MB = 1GB


  • All 4G LTE devices require the use of a SIM card.
  • The cost of a SIM is $15.
  • Each SIM comes with 1 GB of standard data and $10 credit absolutely FREE! ($45 value)

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Broadband Unlimited Internet

Smart is venturing into a new world, we’re introducing the fastest and most reliable Broadband Unlimited Internet for your Home or Business. This new and exciting service will allow customers to purchase unlimited data, at super-fast speeds, for a low monthly fee. Utilizing wireless technology, there will be no need to run copper wires, or set up a phone line. This will not only ensure a quick basic installation, but also remote troubleshooting, as well as quick maintenance and support. The response time will almost be as fast as our service! Reliable, high speed, cost effective internet is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity!


Monthly Price Download Speed Upload Speed
$55 1 Mbps 1 Mbps
$99 2 Mbps 1 Mbps
$150 4 Mbps 2 Mbps
$250 8 Mbps 4 Mbps
$420 16 Mbps 8 Mbps


Smart Broadband Unlimited Internet is currently available in the following areas:


  1. Identification Card
  2. Utility Bill
  3. GST Certificate (Businesses Only)
  4. Two-month security deposit may be required
  5. Customers will be required to sign a one-year contract

Support Lines

  1. 0-800-SUPPORT
    Smart Toll Free (available for Smart numbers)
  2. 280-0025
    Fixed Line (available for BTL and DigiCell numbers)

The support lines are currently available from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

International Postpaid Roaming

Smart postpaid customers can now use their mobile phone to make and receive calls and SMS while travelling to the USA, Jamaica, Barbados, Aruba and the Cayman Islands. Signing up for the service is quick and easy. All Smart postpaid customers can sign up for this service.

Roaming Services must be activated prior to leaving the country. To activate Roaming on your post paid phone, visit any SMART showroom. A Deposit of $250 is required, and roaming is automatically deactivated upon returning to Belize. Upon returning to Belize, you may visit any showroom to then receive the unused portion of your roaming deposit, or you may leave instructions to apply it to your account.


Stay in touch with friends, family, and business associates while you are on the go with the convenience of an app. It’s easy, convenient and provides customers with the lowest international rates.

Customers with a SmartGO account are able to make or receive calls and send or receive texts from any number around the world. The person that the SmartGO customer is communicating with is not required to have the SmartGO app and can use either a mobile phone or fixed line.


  1. Download and install the SmartGO app from the Google Play store.
  2. Register your account at the Smart Lounge,, or at any showroom.
  3. Activate your account: choose between SmartGO Roaming or SmartGO International options.
  4. You will be assigned a NEW Smart number for the SmartGO service (your Belize mobile number will remain active on your device).
  5. This service is currently available for Pre-paid customers only.

How it works

Recharge your account by adding credit via the SmartGO app using regular credit upload services: i.e. 3rd party recharge, Gimmedalla,,, GoMobile, and Smart Lounge. Credit will expire 6 months after recharge date. Call or text any number around the world with the app using a WiFi or Mobile Data connection.

Making Calls

It’s easy! Simply give your friends, family, and business contacts your NEW Smart number and start making and receiving calls while connected to a WiFi or Mobile Data connection. You can also call forward your Belize mobile number to the SmartGO app. (Standard Call Forwarding fees apply).

Talk & Text Packages

SMARTGO ROAMING OPTION – Belizeans traveling abroad: GO Credit Rates (tax inclusive) Talk: $0.62 per minute SMS: $0.16 per text BUNDLE 1 $59.60 (tax inclusive) 100 minutes @ $0.51 per minute 100 SMS @ $0.09 per text BUNDLE 2 $101.25 (tax inclusive) 200 minutes @ $0.45 per minute 200 SMS @ $0.06 per text

Smart International Option

SMARTGO ROAMING OPTION – Belizeans living abroad can stay in touch with family and friends by downloading the app and calling any phone number in Belize at great international rates: VOIP Service Rate: $0.60 per minute SMS Rate: $0.16 per text

  • Per second billing applies
  • Charges for incoming calls and texts to your GO number do not apply.
  • All prices in Belize Dollars


Smart offers many easy options to add credit to your mobile phone. Choose the one that’s best for you!


If you’re an Atlantic Bank customer and want to add credit to your Smart phone from your Savings or Checking account, Visa or MasterCard, you can now do so without having to visit the bank or any of our showrooms. You can add $2, $5, $10, $20 or $50 by following 2 easy steps:

  1. Register your smart phone number at any Atlantic Bank office.
  2. Dial *GOABL (*46225) from your phone and follow the automated attendant’s instructions. Make sure you have your password, bank account or credit card number. Once your transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation SMS and the amount will be deducted from your bank account or charged to your credit card.


When you need credit uploaded to your phone or somebody else’s phone in a hurry, there’s no need to worry. This convenient service allows you to upload credit to a phone at any one of our registered dealers countrywide just by giving them the phone number.

  1. Give the agent the Smart cell number you want to add value to (you don’t need to have the phone with you).
  2. Choose the amount you desire to purchase, from $1 – $500.
  3. The gimmedalla agent will transfer the amount to your account.

Once the transaction is completed a confirmation SMS will be sent to the mobile phone confirming the recharge.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are the traditional way to add value to your account. For your convenience, we offer prepaid cards in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100. You can purchase these cards from any Smart Showroom or Prepaid card agent in your area. Once you get your prepaid card, simply scratch the security feature at the back to reveal the pin. You can: Dial 120 + PIN and the credit will be automatically loaded to your account.

3rd Party Recharge

You can also credit to another smart phone using prepaid cards. Simply have a valid prepaid card and dial 125. You will be prompted to enter the Smart number. Once the transaction is complete, it will give you the updated balance.

Other Recharge Methods

Smart has introduced many innovative ways to add credit to your account. As a Smart PrePaid, Flex Jr, Choice and Select customer you can easily control your spending by uploading prepaid credit to your account to make calls and send text messages. Smart offers 3 easy and convenient ways for your family and friends abroad to add value to your account. See which option is more convenient for them. A friend or family abroad can recharge any Smart prepaid phone through the following choices:

  1. Online Visit and register for free. Select Belize under country and Smart Belize as the service operator. Next type the phone number you want to recharge. Customers can pay with a credit card, debit card or PayPal. The recharge arrives instantly to your mobile phone.
  2. Retail channels Visit any retail store where *ding international top up service is available, ask the cashier/teller for a Smart Belize top up, give the phone number and pay by cash or other available payment methods. The recharge arrives instant to your mobile phone.
  3. Recharge Cards Visit any Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, Circle K and Rite Aid in the USA and ask for *ding international recharge card. Follow the instructions at the back of the card; the recharge arrives instant to your mobile phone.


Now there’s no need to worry when you run out of credit. You can transfer credit easily from your prepaid or post-paid phone to any phone using our Prepaid, Flex Jr., Choice or Select plans. It’s quick and easy. You can transfer credit from $1 to $200 per month, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a new text message
  2. Type in the Smart number you want to transfer credit to; add a space and the dollar amount you want to send e.g. 660xxxx 10
  3. Send the message to DALLA (32552)

Other Services

Missed Call Alert

Everybody wants to know who called them when they were out of the service area or their phones were turned off. With Smart, you can get a text the moment you turn on back your phone. To activate/deactivate:

  1. Send the message to 1234.
  2. Create a text message and in the body type MCA.


Update your Facebook status from your Smart phone using our SMS service. There’s no need to access the internet… To register: Login to your facebook account and in the browser type Once this page loads, you will find an email address on the page that is similar to

This e-mail address is unique to your account and MUST NOT be shared. Once you have found your unique mail identifier, do the following:

  1. Send a Message to code FBOOK (32665)
  2. In the body type reg unique594add

NOTE: just type the user part of the e-mail address and leave out as shown in this example. These steps will register your facebook account and link it to your smart number. This only needs to be done once. To Update Your Status: Send a text message to FBOOK (32665). In the body enter the message you want as your Facebook status.


Thanks to Smart’s innovative service, you can now update your twitter status and view your last three twitter updates on your mobile phone.

  1. Click on the “register for twitter” link at Enter your twitter username and password and click on allow. Then enter your phone number eg. 670xxxx. Once registration is successful start updating your status from your smart phone. (If you had previously registered to twitter from your smart phone, unregister before proceeding with the registration update. To unregister, send unreg to 89338.)
  2. Tweet: Send a message to TWEET (89338)

In the body of the text, type in the message you want to automatically place on your twitter page. Once you register, you can send as many messages as you like.

  1. To get the latest 3 updates posted on your page (including the people you follow),simply send “get” to 89338.
  2. You can also post a message on Smart’s twitter page. Send: *(space) message to 89338.
  3. Logout: Send a text message to TWEET (89338) In the body type in: logout

Smart Big-up

Now you can contact your favorite radio stations to send your requests and shout-outs with no hassles.

Radio Station Code
Fiesta FM 8681
More FM 8683
Estereo Amor 8684
Love FM 8682
Channel 5 News 8686
Krem 8687
Universal Radio 8688
Mood FM 8689
Hamalali 8690
Rainbow FM 8691
Telenova 8692
Maximum Radio 8694