Smart SOS Services

Need to make a call but don’t have enough credit? No worries. Take advantage of our SOS feature and Smart will send you credit in advance. You’ll never have to worry about being left out in the cold without credit or SMS, thanks to Smart.

Call me

Send a free text message to any Smart number when you have zero credit and no sms in your account. This feature is quick, convenient and free!
Create a text message with the desired Smart number in the body of the message e.g. 670xxxx(no space or hyphen included).
Send the message to: CALL (2255).
The desired Smart number will get a standard text message with: E.g. “Please call me at 660xxxx”.
Customers are entitled to send a maximum of 2 call me requests per day.

Please recharge me

Ask your family or friends to add credit to your account.
Send a free message requesting a recharge. Simply send a text to the number 2255 and enter recharge plus the number of the person they want to send the request to e.g.: recharge (space) number.

Credit advance

This feature allows customers who are out of credit to receive a credit advance (loan) of $2 from smart.
Send a message to the code 2255.
Type loan in the body of the message and press send.
You can qualify for the loan once you have insufficient funds to make a call or send an SMS.
You can then use the credit to make calls or send SMS.
Loan is re-paid automatically upon your next recharge.